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mature dating sim The Diablo Blues is an extremely rocking guitar with hot single coils and humbuckers in an ash body. It comes with a variety of combinations of pickups. It also can have three singles for that Stat on Steroids sound.

The Diablo Blues neck starts as one piece of hard maple which is cut into three, then laminated together. This is hard maple to start with and is then further strenghtened with the laminations!  The result is an extremely strong & stiff neck. Headstock flex is greatly reduced by cutting the headstock off at 15 degrees, flipping it over, then gluing it back on. Though very time consuming to produce, this makes a much better neck than would result from just using one piece of hard maple and cutting a neck out of it. Why all the trouble, time, and expense over just a neck? Because everything in a Diablo Blues contributes to the phenomenal tone, especially the neck.

The Diablo Blues body also uses a single piece of swamp ash which is cut into two pieces, then laminated together. This provides a more stable base for the guitar than if a single piece body was used. It too has sculpted insides to control weight and tailor the sound. The top is carved to a beautiful and striking arch. The body shape is the mark of Driskill Guitars.

Inside the neck is some kind of high tech stuff. The truss rod is a double action one and the slots are exact pockets with the same curvature, ledges, and even tiny cutouts for the welds on the truss rod. It is press fit into this slot. Due to the stiffness of the neck, I had to make the truss rods. I make them out of tool steel and they are then heat treated. This means that they are extremely strong and powerful. It also means that they are highly resistant to stripping out because of the materials and the heat treatment.

internet dating services Then there are some carbon fiber strips that are epoxied and press fit into their slots. Again, I had to make these as there wasn't anything like it available. This makes an unbelievably stiff neck. The neck gluing surface extends about half way through the body providing excellent wood to wood contact for exceptional tone and sustain. The neck joint is a very sleek transition which fuses the neck into the body and provides unparalleled access to all 22 frets.

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The Diablo Blues is the only guitar that comes with a variety of world renowned Van Zandt pickups specially hand wound for the Diablo Blues.

The wiring options include coil splitting, humbucking, and psuedo out of phase, all through a specially designed five way lever switch- no hard to use rotary switches.

As a final touch, each Diablo Blues is put on a neck jig where the frets are crowned, polished, and buffed with string tension on them. This gives the Diablo Blues the ultimate edge on playability.

The Diablo Blues is an exceptional guitar and can be ordered with any electronics, inlays, and your choice of custom finishes and colors. Any way you want it-

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