Robe fluide epaules dénudées

Robe midi À carreaux  

Gavin, here are some pictures of the Gavin Blue Diablo. I got it finished and made it to FedEx with 7 minutes to spare so I didn't have time to get any more pictures of it totally done. It has the one piece BRW neck, paua and awabi vine, piezo trem, matching wood knobs and carbon fiber and mahogany backplates. I love this color.

Robe au genou mohair Here is are some pictures of your #10 that the original owner took. I always remembered that one as it was the first Driskill Diablo with a tremolo. This was before I was making my own trems. I hope to come to your way sometime and get a chance to see this one again!

Robe argentée boule


Brautkleider & hochzeitskleider satin Gavin, here is your fretboard with the vine. It looks great!!! Fantastic actually but the pictures don't really show how cool it is. I am such a lame photographer that the pictures don't even begin to show the iridescent blue and colors in the vine. Lots of blue in it. The leaves are super cool! They flash all kinds of blue, pink, gold, and green. The slightest movement and they flash colors. It is like a rainbow or the colors you see when there is oil on water and the rainbow comes up from that. Check out the killer grain too on the Brazilian Rosewood fretboard! I have the stainless steel frets in. I milled the slots to .023 inches with a .020" endmill. Then I shot epoxy in the slots. The next step was to press each fret in. After that, I clamped everything down with this 1.75" thick aluminum plate that has the fretboard radius cut into it. This makes it so that the frets are exactly level and perfectly seated on the fretboard. It also means that they won't ever be able to lift or come up. The fretboard is incredibly dry but this further assures that the fret ends won't be able to poke out. Since they are stainless steel, they should be extremely tough and should last forever. I still need to trim them but my hands are all blistered up from doing finishing and these frets are REALLY hard on your hands when you try to cut them. Stainless steel is so hard that it is very difficult to cut the ends. The first few are okay, but after you do 48 of them, your hands aren't happy with you.